past banners explained

As the site grows, I will continue to change the banner images which support the content I've written. Many of the banner images you see I've personally taken; however, on some instances, when I didn't have a photo to match the reflection, I went elsewhere to search for an image that was most appropriate. Otherwise, I've tried to include my own work in hopes of capturing the beauty of my father's life.

Having a father who loved photography, I've learned to appreciate the essence of capturing a moment in time. My father was so good at that and, hopefully, I can continue a little bit of his gift on the site. Wherever I go, I continually see my world visually. I try to notice different shapes, colors, contrasts, and various connections that each element makes. There is a certain ambience felt when I see something I like and hopefully those feelings are felt by you as you view each banner image.

Each main image/banner is chosen for a particular purpose. That is why I've chosen to archive these banners so you can read why I chose these particular ones.

  1. June 15, 2006 (Capturing Your Thoughts)
  2. May 6, 2006 (Fires That Warmed My Heart)
  3. January 18, 2006 (Decorating the Christmas Tree With Dad)
  4. December 24, 2005 (Thanksgiving - More Than Food)
  5. November 19, 2005 (The Two Essential Qs of Time)
  6. October 24, 2005 (My Greatest Life Coach - Mr. Encourager)
  7. September 19, 2005 (The Power of Three)
  8. August 10, 2005 (Have You Lost Hope?)
  9. July 4, 2005 (That 90 Foot Gap)
  10. June 6, 2005 (Take Another Walk Dad?)
  11. May 10, 2005 (Saying "Hello" Can Go a Long Way)
  12. April 10, 2005 (Catching the Moments of our Future)
  13. March 12, 2005 (We will see you again)
  14. February 10, 2005 (Wishing You Were Returning Home Again)
  15. January 14, 2005 (Being Right Next to My Father)
  16. December 15, 2004 (Ordinary Man, Extra-Ordinary Impact)
  17. November 9, 2004 (A Bond That Could Never Be Broken)
  18. October 25, 2004 (How One Vegetable Can Create a Day of Wonderful Memories)
  19. October 1, 2004 (Thanks For Being Real)
  20. September '04 (Is Your 'Presence' Felt By Others?)
  21. August '04 (Seeing Beyond Our Immediate Circumstances)
  22. July '04 (Celebrating Father's Day With a Special Friend)
  23. June '04 (Becoming the Authentic Me)
  24. May '04 (Importance of Having Time Alone)
  25. February '04 (Time with my three sons)
  26. December '03 (One of the last moments of my father caught on film)
  27. November '03 (His life stood out amongst his peers)
  28. September '03 (My Father's Desire to Raise Up the Next Generation of Men)