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"Two-Year Anniversary - July 17"

Two years ago from this very weekend marks the anniversary of when my father's illness was discovered. It's hard to believe that on a weekend when our family carved out time to be together that this was the beginning of something we never could imagine.

It's still fresh in my it was yesterday. As I drove my car from Virginia to NY, there was this huge anticipation of being with family and friends (It's probably that child in me.). My purpose for going to NY that Memorial Day weekend was to spend time with my family, look for potential housing on Long Island, and have time with my father to discuss specific business opportunities. We had plans to go out to Riverhead (depending on the weather) and spend some family time out there. Riverhead has a special place in our hearts. Coming from a family that is constantly on-the-go, heading toward the east-end of Long Island was a wonderful time for us, and still is. It was a necessary escape, a getaway of sorts, and time to just relax and enjoy the peacefulness. Being surrounded by farms and farm stands, local beaches, and great restaurants, it was like a mini-vacation for us.

Because of the heavy rains and periods of lightening that weekend, we decided to cancel our trip east. But that didn't hinder our plans for family fellowship and a huge barbeque Memorial Day weekend. Nothing could ever hamper those times together. It was a shared event. None of us could ever stop talking about the past Memorial Day weekends. It was a time to celebrate the beginning of summer and discuss plans for the summer, including family vacations.

Since my father was coughing a lot that weekend, I suggested early on that I take him to the hospital to get examined by a physician. He asked that we wait and see how he felt by Memorial Day. Ironically, it was during the Memorial Day meal that my father asked that I go with him to the hospital. I had no idea what events were ahead for my father and family.

As I sit down and write this, it's a beautiful weekend here in NY. Everyone is preparing for Monday, a US holiday, and there's much to be thankful for especially barbeques, times at the beach, and group gatherings. We certainly remember this weekend for other reasons. There is that subtle memory of what occurred two years ago on this very weekend. We can't help but remember what happened.

I'm reminded that each day, each hour, each minute, and each second is given to us at the mercy of God. He gives us life and breathe. He knows what days we have left here on this earth before we're called "home." Because of this perspective, we can celebrate Memorial Day weekends and other wonderful holidays. This holiday will always be different for us, yet we still enjoy time with family and friends with the memory that someone quite special used to share this holiday with us.

From the Agoglia family, we pray you have a wonderful Memorial Day with family and friends.

The Agoglia's