praying for others (grief, loss, terminal illnesses, & newborns)

Originally when the idea of having a prayer section was conceived, it only targeted those who recently lost a loved one to death or those battling terrible illnesses. However, my parents loved children. Knowing this, to have a section that focused solely on terminal illnesses only paints half the picture. Although ministering to those in great need was of high importance to them, there was also a very special place in their hearts for children. Therefore, I have decided to add a new section which focuses on the beginning of life - newborn babies.

Recently I was talking with a good friend of mine from graduate school. She shared with me the joy of being married and that she's expecting a little one in a few months (Thanks Stacey for your inspiration). As I thought about her joy, I thought about my father and his love for children. He always shared how much he looked forward to being a grandfather one day. And I pray, his wish will come true in the near future. But this got me thinking about the website and how I could continue his love for young children.

Therefore, there are two sections to the "Praying for Others" section: 1) those struggling with the loss of a loved one and those battling difficult illnesses, and 2) newborn babies.