stories about my father

Once in a while, I come across something so unique that I have to pause to truly appreciate what I'm hearing. It's one of those things which make me say, "That's so dad" or "That's exactly what dad would say." These things are so special that anyone can find some hidden treasure or message to walk away with. In some cases, you may even hear my father's distinct voice as you read some of these recollections. Not knowing where to place these stories on the site, I decided to create this section and call it "unique stories." (not really profound, is it?)

If you have a unique memory about my father and wouldn't mind sharing it with others, please send it to me directly. Every story told brings about a sort of healing to my family and we would like to share them with others. I believe you will enjoy reading these and trust they will touch a side of your heart that hasn't been touched in a while. :)

All that troubles is but for a moment. That only is important which is eternal. - Inscription over the door of the Milan Cathedral

  1. How Hotel Keys Taught Me a Lesson About Honesty
  2. A Man of Humility
  3. See Me Now
  4. Evidentiary Joy
  5. Most of all
  6. Vitamin C
  7. His Most Valuable Possession
  8. Surprise in the Mail
  9. E-mail sent to a colleague encouraging the person as they face the loss of their father.