stories about my father

Surprise in the Mail

My youngest brother Tad told me a story about a man showed up at our house to check the gas line. Not knowing who he was, Tad inquired and the man identified himself as a technician with a particular gas company. As they talked, my brother quickly realized that he had met my father several years ago. It was also clear he had no idea my father passed away, so Tad shared this information with him. He was shocked to say the least, but his reaction also led him to share a special story about my father.

At some point, this technician came to our home to do some work in our basement and the area he had to work in had very little light. My father walked down the stairs and noticed that the technician had a flashlight in his mouth, which left both hands free to work on the problem at hand. My dad shared that what he needed was a hat with a lighted mounted in the front, similar to what miners wear. Just like my father, he went on to say that he would locate one and purchase it just for him.

A few weeks later, while at his place of work, the technician received a package with his name on the front of it. When he opened it up, it was the exact thing my dad said he would get him. The man was shocked and didn't know what to say. He went on to tell my brother that over his lifetime, he's met many people who say they're going to do something and then fail to come through. However, my dad was the only one - that he could recall - who ever followed through with his promise.

As the oldest son, I find it interesting that my father told me or my family this story. But then again, as I hear more of such stories, I realize that was who my father was - quiet about his actions, yet large with his concern for others. To hear this story told from someone whom we've never met before, tells us more about the man. I still admire and learn from to this day. Have you ever met someone who told you one thing and then failed to follow through with their actions? I have on several occasions. We can't control those external experiences; we can only control what we say and do. Modeling integrity is not something we do on sporadic occasions, especially when other see us. It should be a part of everything we do. The operative word here is everything).

I find it amazing that even after my father has passed, I'm still learning profound principles from his life. His legacy is in development and I'm just one of many who have been marked for life.