stories about my father

Most of All

My father was a man of many surprises. He always thought way in advance. He planned for the wonderful joys of life, but he also planned for the worst. He knew one day the Lord would take him home. Even though he didn't think the Lord would take him so quickly, he never assumed anything. Just a few days ago, I ran across something which demonstrates this sort of planning.

In a letter written specifically to me, he outlines many important principles to live by and many practical items to take care of if something were to happen. On point number 12, I felt his remarks spoke to me more than all the other items found within the letter, even though each point was filled with much wisdom and insight.

Most of all, pray each day for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, godly wisdom and understanding and most of all love and His grace.

Currently, I'm facing some major decisions. During this time I've thought many times of how much I wish I had my father around to glean his feedback. I don't have that luxury anymore. In that sense, I'm on my own. But I would also suggest that his presence is still with me because even before I found this note, I could already hear my father telling me, "Go to your heavenly Father and earnestly lay down your request before him. Be open and honest. And ask for his wisdom, his will for your life."

As a son, I need to continually hear these words. I would even say that my father's presence is perhaps more real today than it was when he was alive because now I'm forced to go to the Lord more than I've ever had to in my lifetime. But it's my father's spirit that is behind me, pushing me forward to seek the Father.