past banners explained

"Catching the Moments of our Future"

For the past week I've been staying in Florida, partly for business and a good part for vacation. For most of the trip, I've been quietly stationed in Key West, FL. Only two miles wide and four miles in length, Key West is the last of all the keys in Florida. In fact not too far from where I'm staying, there is a spot that's considered the southernmost point in the continental USA. Although we had a few days of rain, the weather has been superb. The temperatures have been in the mid to upper 70's, a definite contrast to New York weather.

My brother Kristian has been with me for most of the trip. It has been a special time together as brothers. Our schedules back home don't often provide the quality time we both desire, so this gave us plenty of time to catch up, share, and just enjoy our time together. During our time here, we've met many people from all parts of the country and around the globe. Many have unique stories to share as to why they came to Key West. When they hear we're from New York, we always get a unique response.

A few evenings ago, Kristian and I went to a spot called Sunset Celebration. Hundreds of visitors come out each evening to see the sun set off into the horizon. Even from my hotel, I've gone out almost every evening to see the sun set because the experience and view is just beautiful. If you've never seen the sun set, you have to try it at least once. There is something about it that leaves you speechless. On many occasions, I've spent countless hours waiting with my camera to get the right shot. You only have a small window of opportunity before the sun moves rather quickly beyond your viewpoint.

With the image you see above, I was at Sunset Celebration amidst hundreds of others trying to capture the right image. Everyone had their cameras set and each person was pressed against the next person. I was able to capture several sunset shots, but with the image you see above, I was able to capture this boat sailing by. There were many other boats in the water, but I only wanted to capture this one. I loved the fact that, for the most part, you could only see the outline of the boat, giving you just enough to recognize that it's a sailboat. The sun had already set behind several clouds, yet the sky was left with plenty of red hues, providing us with an amazing site to see and appreciate.

With all the people surrounding me, each one peering through human bodies to get a picture, there was something within me that wanted to be on that boat. There was a certain sense of tranquility, both on the boat and on the water. It reminded me of my world that you and I still live in. No matter where you or I live, we have to face the busyness of life. My father worked and thrived under very stressful conditions. Yet, now he enjoys true peace. He doesn't have to hear about the wars overseas and on our own homeland. He doesn't have to hear about the horrible crimes which happen each day. Now, he lives in a peace with Christ which none of us really understand. One day, I will be rejoined with my father again. I, too, anticipate the day when I can have that peace and love like I've never experienced before.

But now, as I looked at that ship glide past me with ease, I can still appreciate the beauty of such things. I'm grateful for such moments because they leave a certain taste of the future we have as believers. I'm sure I fail to see many of these moment right before my eyes but, hopefully, I'm learning to "see" better and recognize that these God-given moments are glimpses of the future we have with Him.