past banners explained

"Ordinary Man, Extra-Ordinary Impact"

A few weeks ago, I woke up at about 4 a.m. There was no particular reason for my waking as far as I knew. I just woke up at that time. As I rolled over, I noticed a bright light beaming through my window. So I rubbed my eyes to see where this light was coming from. As my eyes came into focus, I noticed that the moon was full and quite bright.

Obviously it was the moon that was projecting the ray of light onto the wall of my room, but there was something next to the moon that caught my attention - a very bright star. The sky was a rich blue and acted as a backdrop to the moon and stars. But it was this one star, although quite small, which stood out among the rest of the stars.

For some reason I knew there was something to glean from my waking, even at this time in the morning. The stars looked the same size. With regards to the distance between one another or their distance from the earth, I had no idea. The only thing I could see (from my vantage point) that differentiated this one star against the others was its sheer brightness.

At that moment I quickly thought of my father's life. On the surface, he could be viewed like an ordinary man. He dressed casual. He lived a very simple life, never wanting for himself. He drove the same old suburban for many years. You wouldn't find his name in the papers or on TV. Even in church, although he was in leadership positions, he preferred taking a behind the scenes role instead of being recognized on a platform. He preferred serving others rather than being served. So on the surface one might think he was just like the next man.

My dad wasn't your typical husband, father, or friend. You may ask then, "what made him different?" It was his uncanny ability to touch so many lives on a very deep level in the most subtle ways. Unfortunately, it often takes the passing of someone to see the magnitude of their life. I've shared in earlier reflections that I continue to meet people from all walks of life who tell me the influence my father had on them.

As I stared at this particular star through my window, I knew God was speaking to me somehow. Although seemed ordinary in every way, it definitely stood out by the brightness of it's light. My father's life can be viewed similarly. Although he seemed ordinary, he was, in fact, an extra-ordinary individual. His life stands tall among his peers, much like a lighthouse that beams its light even in the midst of inclement weather. The "light" he shined into our lives continues to emanate a brightness that can never be extinguished.

As I rolled my head back on the pillow, I had a grin on my face. It made me so proud of my father because I learned from this small incident that one man living in a populated world can make a huge difference in many people. I pray one day that my life may touch others as my father once did and, surprisingly, still does today.