past banners explained

"Time With My Three Sons "

During the summer months, my brothers, dad and I would go to Carlisle, PA for the annual car/antique show. During Kristian and Tad 's teenage years, they purchased their own cars to restore. Going to Carlisle allowed them to find rare parts to complete their projects. I wasn't into car restoration as my brothers were, however, I was an avid baseball card collector so I would walk the grounds and find certain collectors who sold rare and current cards. I often found some great deals.

But the real fun of this annual event was that the four of us had time together. From driving down to PA, to getting a hotel, and then walking for three days, nothing could be better. For us, it was simply "men time." It was time to "horse around," laugh a lot, and share many memories as well as creating new ones.

Since my grandfather owned his own auto-maintainance shop for over 60 years, my father worked many years for his dad and was exposed to many types of cars. While at Carlisle, dad would share some of the differences between the cars, what years and makes they were, and for some he had a personal story to share.

The banner above was taken at Carlisle in July of '92. I was just a sophomore in college and home for the summer. Kristian and Tad were still in high school. As always Dad was a part of these events. He always found time to be with his sons despite his very demanding schedule. Simply put - my father made time for his sons.

- Justin