past banners explained

"We Will See You Again"

In just a few days it will be Valentine's Day. This particular day brings about a mixture of feelings for everyone. For some, it reminds them of someone who has demonstrated a distinct kind of love and faithfulness which develops over time. It's a unique love that is distinctively set apart for one particular person. For others, it reminds them of their singleness and can be a very sad time. As they watch couples dine, hold hands and take walks, sit on park benches, or sit across from one another while sipping a fresh cup of flavored coffee, it brings about a pain they wish they never had to feel. This day can serve as a stark reminder of someone who is no longer in our presence, whether it be from a painful divorce or separation, a relationship that went awry, or someone who has passed on.

Our family lost someone very special - my father. For my mother, she no longer has her best friend and trusted companion by her side. For forty years, they shared many meaningful moments together. I distinctly remember the things my father would do to remind my mother of his endearing love for her. I used to watch my mother's countenance as my father would surprise her with either a gift he purchased or a card he wrote her. Her tears said it all as he touched her heart. But my father's love was never limited to Valentine's Day. With each passing moment, there was a wonderful exchange of love between the two of them. On Valentine's Day they did things for each other, but it never was limited to that particular day.

As I thought about an image to reflect my parent's love for one another, I decided to choose something that reminded me of the rich friendship my parents had for so many years. The vibrant colors reflect the significance of their relationship. The more I examine the beauty of flowers, the more I recognize that their unique bond ness is similar to life in gereral. Depending on where you live, most flowers aren't in bloom year-round. They have a season when their petals display wonderful colors, and then, afterwards, disappear for a period of time. The good news is that when the warm air returns, the colorful flowers decorate the landscape of our surroundings once again.

As I reflect on this, I see my father's life in this same thought. His life was vibrant and full in the very broad sense. It may appear that his life has been extinguished for the very obvious reason. Yet, like every flower that returns next season, we too will see him again, way more beautiful and radiant than we once knew him.

With this Valentine's Day, may this flower be a reminder of his joy and the wonderful hope we share that we will see him again.