past banners explained

"A Bond That Could Never Be Broken"

Over the course of the past six months, a set pattern of behaviors has developed. I wake up at about 6 a.m., get dressed for the gym, and then escort Kole (our faithful dog) into my mother's room. He always waits for me to pass through her door and, then, once I pass the threshold, he simply follows me and walks over to her bedside, waiting for mom to caress his head. It's really something special to watch.

Today (November 10, 2004), something different captured my attention, causing me to pause and reflect on what I saw. Because my mom has been taking care of her ailing mother, she has been coming home late each evening. So she has been quite exhausted, to say the least. On this very morning, as I escorted Kole into her room, my mom was sound asleep. She didn't budge one bit. She just laid there like an angel (as dad used to say). Her head was resting peacefully on her pillow and she was lying on her back. What grabbed my undivided attention was her left hand which was lying on her stomach. She still had her wedding ring on but, this time, I noticed that my dad's wedding band was juxtaposed next to hers.

What a powerful image this was for me to see and, in some way - experience. In the silence of the moment, it spoke to me. It was a wonderful reminder of the love my parents once shared with one another. Immediately, these words came to my awareness - "a bond that could never be broken."

The wedding ring bands are symbolically designed as perfect circles. There is no break in the metal. There is no broken clasp or crevice for something foreign to penetrate the round ring. Sure, there are plenty of dents, a lot of scratches, and perhaps some discoloring. These two objects have traveled many parts of the world, faced extreme weather conditions, and even tasted the pounding of hard surfaces. But the fact remains, the perfect circles were never broken and will never be shattered - not even my father's death could destroy the special bond my parents shared with one another. Their loyalty and faithfulness to one another began more than 40 years ago. It started as a friendship and grew into a powerful chord of love which continues today.

As I stood there this morning, I was profoundly touched by that image. The marital covenant my parents kept before one another and before their three sons has been and always will be a powerful example for me to one day abide by. Some day at my wedding, I will stand before many and share my vows with my bride. And, then, we will exchange our rings as a symbol of our commitment to one another and a bond that will never be broken.

As I recognized the power of that picture early this morning, my eyes froze at the beauty of what I saw - two rings symbolizing two, special people who deeply loved one another. I can say that I now view weddings rings differently because of what I experienced today. Thanks Dad and Mom for not just being people of faith; you were also faith-FUL to each other. Talk about a legacy, I can honestly say that I learned the virtues of faithfulness and loyalty right before my very eyes. May I demonstrate that same faithfulness and loyality to my beloved one day.