past banners explained

"My Father's Desire to Raise Up the Next Generation of Men"

Some of you may be wondering why I chose the image of a field for the new look. If you knew my father, you would already know the reasoning behind it. Although my dad worked in the corporate world most of his adult life, his heart was one of simplicity. One of the things he enjoyed doing each month was traveling to the east end of Long Island and simply spend time alone with the Lord, and other times spend it with others.

I vividly recall receiving a phone call from my dad one Saturday afternoon, about one month prior to his diagnosis. I was still in Virginia and he was calling me from the L.I.E. Never had I heard my dad so excited in quite some time. He shared how he just met with several men for a bible study. But what really gave him joy was seeing men openly share their hearts, both their passions and their weaknesses. It was simply men being transparent with one another.

I couldn't help but tell him the joy I was hearing over the phone. Dad had a strong desire to reach out to men, to mentor them by extending his own brokenness as a point of connection and a source of encouragement. It was here that men could begin being men.