purpose of my father's memorial website

After three years, I'm stunned at the ongoing response this site continues to receive. It's a sober reminder that everyone of us must face the reality of losing someone close to us. It's an unfortunate part of life. The redesign of this site only came about because the needs have increased and I needed something that could grow in time. In addition, because the previous site was developed out of sheer emergency, there wasn't much creative input or thought. It simply went up as a way to communicate my father's condition to the many that were calling or e-mailing me.

Thankfully, with the new site, I've had the time to add a very personal touch. It is by far my most intimate project I've embarked on and will always be something I'm most proud of. Specifically, this site is not only a memorial website (a remembering back) but a place where others may find comfort, hopefully some respite, and perhaps an ounce of inspiration.

Consequently, my dad's desire to "reach out" will somehow continue on, even though no one could ever replace his unique presence. I would feel bad just leaving the site as is and not seeing the potential of how it could be used in a variety of contexts. The reality is that if my dad knew I made such a website just for him, I know exactly what he would say. First, he would probably ask that I take it down out of sheer embarrassment. And second, he would tell me that there is too much Joseph and less of Jesus. His humility always seemed to touch you, no matter how you tried to thank him.

Knowing my dad's desire to gently introduce others to the One who led him through this life, I hope this site will not only reflect the life my father led, but also lead you to his heart which was the heart of Christ. With that said, I am committed to developing the site in hopes that it may touch the lives of a few.

Warmest regards,

- Justin