pray for newborns

My parents loved children. There was no question about that. From raising their children to being on school committees, school boards, coaching athletic teams, youth and mission trips, ministries targeting underprivileged youth, and crises pregnancy centers, my parents were always involved in something related to young people.

I remember my father personally sharing with me the excitement he felt when I was born. He let the entire world know that he had a son. He recalls calling his father shortly after I was born to tell him the news that he was a grandfather. I anticipate the day when I can look through that neonatal window and see my newborn son or daughter. At the same time, I will certainly look up and give thanks for my father and my Lord for the privilege of participating in the gift of raising a precious child.

What children take from us, they give…We become people who feel more deeply, question more deeply, hurt more deeply, and love more deeply. - Sonia Taitz O Magazine, May 2003

The banner above perfectly reflects the joy he felt as he peered in the window while on the maternity ward. In this particular photo, he was looking at my brother Kristian who was born a few hours before. Obviously if you look at my father's expressions directly above, it says so much. However, If you look at the picture once more and focus your eyes to the far left, you will notice something different. You will see that his mouth is covered by the text, but I believe my father's eyes speak more than the huge grin on his face. Notice the life and excitement found in his eyes. His eyes were so expressive. This reflection not only shows us his eyes but also tells us his heart. Nothing gave my father more joy than knowing his sons were ok and that they were growing in the ways of the Lord. In addition, he had quite a burden for the youth of the future and had plans to make a difference in the lives of young people.

This section will focus primarily on babies born within one year. Although many of the prayer requests I've received have focused on the loss of a loved one, I pray this section will remind us of the joy as a little one enters our world.