pray for those grieving the loss of a loved one or facing a serious illness

When I initially launched the first website, I mentioned that my purpose was twofold: 1) to reflect and share the life of my father with you, and 2) "reach out" to others. Each week I hear stories of individuals fighting life-threatening illnesses, and then there are others watching their loved ones suffer.

Over time, I've learned that suffering isn't an individual process; it involves everyone - both the sufferer and those caring for those that suffer. As a family, we want to help in some way and offer this section of the site as a way to lift up specific individuals in prayer, especially those battling very difficult situations. Knowing how much it meant to my father and my family that many were praying for him, we join you and continue in that spirit.

If you would like to add a prayer request to the site, please contact me. Also, keep me updated with any posted prayer request so they are current for those praying.