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Although we've never met, I feel that I know you by virtue of my relationship with Justin, Kristian, and Tad. If the old adage that the apple never falls far from the tree is true, then you must be a man of faith and integrity with a great sense of humor. Thank you for investing your life in the lives of your sons because, in doing so, we have reaped the benefits and joys of having three strong, gifted, and faithful men.

Ray willis

Director of Enrollment Services, School of Divinity, Regent University, VA

I shall never forget the evening when I first really got to know you. After a difficult Brownsville Mission board meeting in your office, and during a period of severe spiritual attack and discouragement in my personal life, I told you, "I can't continue on the board; everything is getting to be too much." You invited me to your home, listened, prayed with me, and offered some practical advice. That was the beginning of a period of amazing spiritual growth and experience for me and my family, much of which flowed from Bible study and prayer sessions in your home. I have seen you bless many by your peace, prayers, acts of mercy, and faith. May God protect and reward you and your household for your faithfulness.

Ben Kirkup, Sr.

Close friend of my father, FL

Dear Mr. Agoglia,

I have never met you but I do have two things in common with you. Yeah verily, three.

I love and have the same Lord, I love good ole' New York, (I'm from Brooklyn) and I love the Yankees. You DO love the Yankees don't you?! ;-)

Ever since I have known Justin, he has always praised his Father and cherished his relationship with him. I could not say the same things about my Dad. I was always so encouraged to hear Justin speak so highly of someone. Even more encouraged to know that this someone was his own Dad.

I am now a new Dad. Almost four months ago, my little bambino was born and life has forever changed. It is humbling to me that God has trusted my wife and I to raise this precious creation. It is my prayer, that one day, my son would speak of me the way Justin has spoken of you. Not to receive praise, but to know that I had a positive impact on his life the way your life has obviously impacted Justin's. Jay-Go is a special friend to me. Truly one of the most special people I have ever met. If he is this way largely from the impact his Father had on his life, I can only imagine the kind of man that you are Mr. Agoglia.

Thank you for the blessings you have already given me.

Matthew DeJesus

Senior Designer, University Marketing, Regent University, VA

I just wanted you and your Dad to know that even though he and I have only met once, he made an incredible impact in my life. Very few men carry the heart of the Father like your Dad does. It reflects in his life and ability to communicate with such great compassion. You are all in my prayers and am thankful to the Lord for your Dad's life. I pray peace over you and healing over your father.

Jim Parocco

President of Parroco Production Group, VA

What an amazing man Joe Agoglia has been and is. He has touched so many lives by his example of I Cor.15:58. He certainly has impacted my life. I would love to be able to visit him in this hour of his affliction; however we are separated by 1400 miles. But we meet together at God's throne of grace. We are reminded that that's where we find "mercy and grace in our time of need"

Robert Forseth

Former senior Pastor of Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle, NY

I have known Joe and Claudia for about 21 years. There was always a special quality about both of them. To my undiscerning eyes and heart, I could not identify the face and heart of Jesus in each of them. Now, I can see more clearly. And, I like what I see.

They are responsible for the most important decision that I have ever made in my life--coming to the Lord. And, they have helped me to continue to find Him and to seek His face.

I can remember the day that Joe asked me who was shooting fiery darts at me. I could not believe that he could see my bleeding heart. He prayed for me and gave me encouragement. He would often stop in to the office and offer a smile, a prayer, and words of encouragement.

I love spending time with the Lord. I had such good role models to follow. I want my whole life to be a witness to His goodness, His mercy and His faithfulness. He is in control of everything, and He loves us more than we can even comprehend.

I am so glad I know Him -- really know Him -- as my Father -- because of Claudia and Joe. They have been such a blessing to me.

Marcia Timson

Close friend of my parents, FL

I am reminded of a special afternoon that the three of us (my parents and J.R.) shared. We went to a worship service that they were kind enough to invite me to, and afterwards your dad brought us out to a great little Italian restaurant for lunch. Before we went to eat, we stopped at Price Club because (of all things) he wanted to get me a heating dish for my house and he didn't want me to have to wait for it until the next time they made a trip. I remember thinking that day that it was really one of my most favorite times spent together. During a stop at Kohl's I learned by phone that my daughter was very sick. She'd been at my mom's and it was not a good situation. Your dad insisted on bringing me right to her and waited patiently while I steadied her and made her comfortable enough to move. She was terribly sick and I was blessed to see the extent of your dad's grace that afternoon. Not only did he get us right home safely, but he insisted on carrying everything in with me, making sure that Chloe was comfortably situated and prayed with us for her to get better. He wouldn't even let me pay him for the heater and a bathing suit your mom and I had picked out for Chloe ... AND some various food items.

We could go on and on and on and celebrate his gifts, couldn't we? I have missed him sorely over these last several months, and am sorry that it wasn't possible to see another of his warm, infectious smiles and hug him and tell him yet again that I loved him. But I know very surely that he knew it.

The rector at my church, Father Byrum, always says that funerals aren't actually the end, and they shouldn't be sad. He says we rejoice for the departed that they have found Heaven in the arms of our amazing Lord. As hard as it seems to us who are grieving such a profound loss, we now have the honor of CELEBRATING the LIFE of Joseph Rocco Agoglia, who has spread such joy and has been such a disciple, making God smile from the moment he was created.

Jennifer Rafferty

Friend of my parents, Long Island, NY

Your dad and I were good friends since the time he joined Unisys. For about a three year period, he and I shared an office suite with a large outer office in which our two secretaries sat and waiting visitors congregated.

I believe that your dad was the reason that this and many other hugely successful conditions developed in our tense corporate environment. He was always looking for a compromise position when he thought he was right. He too was the first to join the other side when he learned that there was a better solution than his.

His strong faith and powerful character allowed him to abandon trivialities, political motivations and selfish endeavors in the corporate environment and in all aspects, I believe, of his personal life. He was truly a special man. He was an example of how we should all be, both ethically and morally. I loved him as a dear friend, he knew it and I know he loved me too. We would frequently hug when we would meet after a long absence. I only wish that I had the opportunity to hug him one more time.


Former Co-Worker, Unisys Corporation, NY