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For quite a long time, since I learned that my best friend - of whom I've known for a good part of my life - had passed away, I have meant to sit down and pass along some of the memories which still live here in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He was a man so dedicated to doing good deeds with whatever he touched. He gradually became a mentor for many of us especially with doing things the right way.

Back in the 1970's, Joe was a young man. He was full of spirit and played an instrumental role, laying the groundwork for what later became a flourishing hi tech industry in Iceland. Back then it was merely a group of handicaps with soldering irons. The handicap shop still exists today and memories of Joe's visits and energizing ways are still kept aloft there, whenever I drop by.

With every visit to Iceland (and there were many), there were many reasons for excitement, whether it was with work or with my family. Now my kids are telling their children about Joe and believe it - in their stories he was The Saint, of which he will always be remembered as.

I have memories when he came here (Iceland) and Justin stayed with us for a week, during which he and my son Joseph spoke their native tongues, one in Icelandic, the other in English. And it seemed they perfectly understood every word they spoke. Later my son Neal came and stayed with the Agoglia's in Huntington. And there were countless times when Joe picked me up at JFK. Whenever I was traveling through NY, I spent time with him, Claudia, and the boys, especially before they grew up.

Therefore, here at our place, there will always be a special place for warm memories of a good man with a lovely family, a man which was a "can-do" man, guided by a spirit stronger than steel.

Gulli Josefsson

Friend, Business Associate, Reykjavik, Iceland

We remember having lunch with Justin and Mr. Agoglia at the Olive Garden in Virginia Beach. Justin, who was an usher in our wedding, just discovered this new world of websites and the Internet. Justin realized he had a great future and talent for an upcoming business. Who better to give advice and encourage Justin? Yes sir, Joe Agoglia. Justin and my husband, Adam, started work together on new projects through Justin's new found business called Skylar Design. I remember how encouraging Mr. Agoglia was and incredibly confident about starting this business that he had a great plan for Justin when he went back to New York. All we could see was how much Justin admired his dad and absorbed every word of advice he gave. Mr. Agoglia had such a presence about him that would attract you to him instantly (like hot cocoa mix - sweet and warm). His wisdom and warmth was contagious. Thank you for letting us meet him! Most of all, we cherish your friendship, Justin.

Adam & Leya Macchi

Friends and Colleagues of of Justin, FL

Justin, Having finally caught up with you again, my heart broke as I heard you tell of your father's homegoing. I do not grieve because he is with the Father but because I know that your heart is broken for the temporary loss of your father. Yet there is a joy - indeed, we do not grieve as those who have no hope! And praise the Lord for that. Your father knew the Lord and that relationship was demonstrated in just about every aspect of his life. There were times when I thought a person could not laugh more than I did when I was with your father. The room literally brightened when he came in.

When I think of your father, I remember the quick trips in the "rental car" down to Shaker's to eat - and him refusing to let anyone else to pay. I remember the selfless love that he constantly showed you, especially during the "low times" when you were in so much pain with your back. The love that could only come from Christ as he cared for your mom after the accidents. I remember how happy he was when Kristian came to LU (Liberty University) and was together with you. I really do wish I could've been there with you at his homegoing. I was not. But you know what - we will all be together at the great homecoming of the Church when our precious Lord returns and we will all be changed!

Pastor Joe Fauth

College Roomate of Justin, Senior Pastor, Calvary Bible Church, PA

I can remember when we were at Liberty and your father took you, Joe (college roomate), and myself out for supper. It sure beat eating at the college cafeteria. I also remember when your dad drove down to Virginia to help you withdraw from college because of the severe complications you had from a failed surgery. I was sick at that time and running a very high fever. When he came into our room, I was laying in bed and for the most part, out-of-it. Since I was on the top bunk, he had to reach-up to touch my arm just to say goodbye. When he did this, he noticed how hot I truly was. He insisted on taking me to the doctor on campus. He not only took me, but also paid for the visit and for my medication. Your dad was a great man. Joe and I looked forward to going out with you two whenever he would visit.

I know how it is to have lost a parent. My dad died almost ten years ago from cancer. He lived a year or so longer than what the doctors gave him. He went to the doctor one day for what he thought was a kidney stone, but it turned out to be a large tumor on his kidney. They were able to remove it, but it had already spread to his bones. The cancer eventually moved up the spine and into his brain. He died at home where he wanted to be. It has been almost ten years since his passing. I still find myself thinking about something and I think to myself, "I will just call dad and ask him." Then, of course, I come to my senses and move on.

Rob Long

College Friend of Justin, PA

There are only a few individuals in my lifetime of 80 years who have made a special impression on me as a Christian and as a true servant of God. Of these, I recall and with whom I have been privileged to be close friends and able to share deep and personal confidences in my lifetime. There were only four special men: two were pastors; one was a nationally recognized evangelist, and then there was Joseph Agoglia, a professional businessman and close friend who stands among these men. He was a man of integrity, wisdom, and trust - a man of his word who would never let you down. His word in business or friendship was his bond. This special man was a humble servant of God with Christ-like character.

Joe was a man of great compassion, gifted by God with special talents and intelligence. He had been studious early in life and educated himself in many things. He became a good manager and wise investor. He was not only a good manager and a good friend to others, but he was a good husband to his wife and a good father to his three sons - all of whom he dearly loved. Joe was not a self-serving person. He placed others before himself and gave of his time and energy to his family first and then to others, especially the less fortunate.

In the several years I knew Joe, I personally never saw him lose his temper or show impatience. He always had a positive way about him which I believe came from our Lord through his study of the bible and his walk with Christ. He had a real love for his wife and three sons. And worked extra hours to put them through school, even seminary, for he wanted them to be successful followers of Christ.

Joe had a special warmth and glow about him. You just couldn't help but like him. His smile was warm and winning. His voice was soft and enthusiastic and he always encouraged others. He had a great listening ear when he talked with you. He always looked you in the eye and kept unwavering attention.

Joe was a prayerful man and often prayed for his family and others. Joe helped so many individuals and placed his trust in others often, and was sometimes taken advantage of his kindness. But Joe was also Christ-like in that he was always a forgiving person.

It is difficult to define this man or find words sufficient to describe his "genuineness." For my friend Joseph Agoglia cannot be described in a very few words. He spent only a few years with us, yet he worked for others. He loved helping others to the point where his body finally gave way and God called him home early in life, too early for all of us who knew him.

I was especially privileged to have Joseph Agoglia as my personal friend, but even more privileged that he called me "his" friend.

Harold Smith

Close Family Friend, NY