my own thoughts on loss, grief, & bereavement

As part of my healing, I have found it helpful to journal my thoughts and feelings as much as I can, and I would like to share some with you. Although I'm not posting every entry, I will share aspects of myself, things that I'm struggling with and parts that I'm just beginning to learn from. I don't claim to be an expert on any subject or have any profound insights; they're just random thoughts of what I'm feeling and thinking during a specific phase of my life. That's why each entry is dated. If you can sift through my own "mess," I pray you might find something to encourage you and even offer you some comfort. Because these are a little lengthy, you may find it easier to read by printing each document.To view the documents, you will need a PDF reader.

Grief drives men into habits of serious reflection, sharpens the understanding and softens the heart. - John Adams Letter to Thomas Jefferson

Title Date Summary Pdf
Helping Those Who Grieve 7/3/06 How do we reach out to those who have lost a loved one? Here are some practical suggestions we can all use in such situations. Download article
Time Spent, Time Lost, Time Eternal 5/23/06 Three phases of time in relation to those who passed on. Download article
You Would Be There 1/03/06) When you question if God is really there for you. Download article
Finding Joy Once again 11/27/05) Can we find joy once again after losing a loved one? Download article
Your Rearview Mirror 10/16/05 Finding the balance between looking back and moving forward with our lives. Download article
Making Me 7/26/05 Understanding the process we go through after we lose a loved one. Download article
The Story Behind the Story 5/6/05 Learning to intentionally listen to people, showing them we care. Download article
Inside Out 3/23/05 Our character is shaped by small decisions and will determine our future. Download article
Little By Little 2/16/05 Healing takes time. Take time for you. Give your yourself the grace to heal. Download article
Because of You 1/22/05 An eternal perspective of gratitude: recognizing my father's impact. Download article
Bold Request 10/26/04 A specific request for when I arrive in heaven. Download article
Faithful Father 9/16/04 Faithfulness: something rarely seen these days. I observed it for 33 years. Download article
Insights Learned Thus Far 9/3/04 After 1 year, here are some insights I've gleaned. Download article
The Walk 8/21/04 Seeing the needs of others, recognizing their struggles and pain. Download article
Well-Earned Hyphen 8/18/04 Although my dad's life was brief, he made a significant impact. Download article
It's Really True 6/12/04 The day I first heard my dad had cancer. Download article
Remember 3/20/04 The profound memories I have with my father now brings me healing. Download article
The Gift 12/25/03 As my father was a gift to me, I'm called to be a gift to others. Download article
Empty Chair 11/26/03 Seeing the empty dinner chair as a metaphor of the emptiness felt within my heart. Download article
Something About Your Presence 10/3/03 Even with my father's demanding schedule, he was always there for me. Download article
Made My Life 9/13/03 I am here today because of the sacrifices my parents made. Download article
Horizontal Love 8/4/03 A life calling to authentically love people Download article
Life Spent Well 7/25/03 With his short time on earth, my dad wisely "spent" his life making investments in people. Download article